What is the FEBSA exercise program?

Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi are all wonderful programs, but they are each incomplete. No single one provides 100% of what you need. FEBSA takes the best of Pilates, Isometric Yoga and Tai Chi and combines them to form a comprehensive fitness program. FEBSA is not limited to only the young, strong and fit. It can be of great benefit to anyone of any age and condition.

FEBSA is named for the GOALS we all want to achieve: F lexibility E ndurance B alance S trength A gility

FEBSA avoids the dogmatism, mumbo-jumbo, mysticism, and religious overtones often associated with Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. We are not going to make your chi flow or energize your chacra, mostly because there really are no such things. We will provide a full body workout that will call upon virtually all of your muscles, joints and tendons to get in better condition. And FEBSA provides enough variety to avoid the boredom that causes most exercise programs to fail. It also provides enough flexibility so that anyone can adapt it to their own situation.

FEBSA uses almost no equipment. A pair of 2 lb. weights is optional.

FEBSA needs no gym, no classes, no personal trainer, no rigid schedule.

The only things you really need are an intention to improve physically,
a mat or a beach towel,
and a comfortable place.

It is very flexible. You do it your own way and in your own time.

So, let's begin.

FEBSA is set up in 7 segments so that it can fill out a weekly schedule with something different for every day. It is not necessary to follow this schedule exactly as given. You may easily adapt it to fit your own situation. The links below will let you print out a guide sheet for each of the segments.

Guide Sheets:

Day 1 FEBSA 1 Pilates Matwork  (very vigorous)

Day 2 FEBSA 2 Pilates Weights (moderate)

Day 3 FEBSA 3 Tai Chi Yang Short Form (gentle)

Day 4 FEBSA 4 Standing Isometrics (vigorous)

Day 5 FEBSA 5 Mat Isometrics (moderate)

Day 6 FEBSA 6 Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi (gentle)

Day 7 FEBSA 7 "AM/PM Sequences" (vigor depends on repetitions)

Notice that if you click on these links, you will download a pdf file that you can view with Adobe Acrobat Reader and print on standard letter size paper. You can also download files for a single 14" sheet containing parts 1 and 2 and another containing parts 4, 5, 6, and 7. They can be printed on both sides of a sheet and heavy-laminate it for durability. There is also a Qigong Shibashi instruction booklet as well.


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