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Exercise Schedule
Exercise Schedule.pdf
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Tai Chi Video
This video shows the most common form of Tai Chi practiced all over the world. There are many other forms, but this one is called the Yang Short Form or 24 Form or Beijing Standard Form
Tai Chi 24-form.mpeg
MPEG video file [12.7 MB]
Tai Chi Forms Sequence
This pdf shows the sequence of motions and relates them to a time in the Tai Chi video
Tai Chi Yang 24 form.pdf
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Silversneakers Cardio Workout
Silversneakers Cardio Workout.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [37.5 MB]
Silversneakers Cardio Sequence
SS Cardio sequence.pdf
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Weight Workout Video
Bodyfit by Amy Weight Workout.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [52.2 MB]
Weight Workout Sequence
weight sequence.pdf
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Shibashi Video
Shibashi Tai Chi QiGong by Dr.Lim.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [24.9 MB]
shibashi jaypeg.html
HTML document [474 Bytes]
Shibashi Sequence
Shibashi sequence.pdf
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Pilates Exercize Sequence
pilates 11 inch.pdf
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Yoga Sequence
yoga 11 inch.pdf
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Food Inventory, Management, and Menu
prepper printout.pdf
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L-161 History


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The Long History of Haplogroup L-161


This presents the long history of Haplogroup I - L161 from before its founding to its dispersal throughout the British Isles. Clickable buttons provide mavigation through the pages. Clickable links in the Keywords section go to specific topics.


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